Along the Iroise coast in Brittany, France, residents have been puzzled by a mysterious phenomenon for more than 30 years. Broken pieces of orange plastic landline phones in the shape of the cartoon character Garfield have been washing up on the beach. BBC News reports the mystery has now been solved: A local farmer remembered the phone parts started showing up after a particularly fierce storm in the early 1980s, and, more important, he also knew the location of a lost shipping container — in a sea cave accessible only at low tide. Members of the Ar Viltansou anti-litter campaign climbed down to the cave and found the remains of the container and more Garfield phones, preserved better than any that had made it to the beach. The container cannot be removed, so officials have pledged to keep picking up Garfield phones as they wash ashore.

Fashion victim

Jarred Randal Womack, 37, agreed to exchange pants with another man in Boulder, Colo., on Jan. 22, but after the trade, he decided he didn’t like the other man’s pants after all, so Womack stabbed the man in the back. Detectives later found the pants in question soiled with feces, which “could be the reason for the altercation,” according to the police affidavit. The Daily Camera reported that Womack was eventually charged with first-degree attempted murder, two counts of first-degree assault and robbery; the stabbing victim sustained life-threatening injuries.


At Palapas Tacos in Anaheim, Calif., the menu is presented in English and Spanish, which proved to be a bridge too far for one customer on March 25. On that day, a Monday, the man saw a sign advertising “Fish Tacos for $1.99 All Day” under the heading “Especial de Viernes,” or Friday Special. He became upset when he found out he couldn’t get the Friday special on Monday, yelling, “That’s bulls---! It says it in Mexican. We’re not in Mexico. We’re in America! ... I’m an American!” Palapas’ owner Juan del Rio followed the man outside to talk with him, but the man pulled out his phone, saying he was going to call “Immigration! Because you’re not legal!” “I just feel like it’s sad that there’s people who actually think like that,” del Rio told Fox 11. “But over a taco?”

Mistaken identity

Passengers on a Melbourne, Australia, commuter train dove under seats, cried and texted their loved ones on March 28 when police locked down the Flagstaff Station in response to a report of a man with a rifle case acting suspiciously, according to the Associated Press. As it turned out, Will Austin, a busker aboard the train, was performing breathing exercises in advance of playing his didgeridoo — an indigenous wind instrument that Austin was carrying in a long bag. Oblivious to police wearing body armor and carrying assault rifles, Austin admitted “I probably looked pretty suspicious, I suppose, just waltzing around and slowly walking out” before officers stopped him to search his bag.

Suspicions confirmed

Solange Troncoso paid $1.99 for a bag of TGI Fridays Sour Cream & Onion Potato Skins at a Bronx convenience store in June 2018. On March 27, she filed suit against TGI Fridays in the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of New York, claiming that the company misleads consumers because the snacks contain potato flakes and potato starch — but no skins. According to Reuters, Troncoso claims she and others have been defrauded into buying an “inferior product.”

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