There’s nothing quite like putting on a pair of shades to feel instantly cool. When choosing summer eyewear, don’t judge by looks alone. Sure, you might occasionally wear a pair of glasses for fashion only. But if you’re going to be outside on a bright day, pay attention to eye health, too.

Not sure where to start? Follow these tips from the American Academy of Ophthalmology:

1. Avoid getting “sunburn of the eye” by wearing glasses marked “100 percent UV protection.” For even more protection, add a wide-brimmed hat.

2. Bigger = better. The more the glasses cover your eyes, the less chance UV rays will sneak in from the side.

3. Don’t be in the dark. Dark glasses may look cool, but they don’t necessarily block more UV rays.

4. Color code. Red, green or gray: the color of the lenses might not block more sun, but may provide more contrast. That’s helpful for those who play outdoor sports such as baseball or golf.

5. Polarizing lenses don’t reduce UV rays. But they do reduce glare. Though your eyes aren’t protected more, driving and being on the water might be more enjoyable.

6. Weigh safety vs. cost. If you’re going for pure protection, 100 percent UV blocking is a more important number than the price tag.

Racing Stripes

Chanel metallic mirrored sunglasses, $660,

Trafaluc graphic tee, $20,

Summer blue bra, $15,

Dot Pattern

Nude sunglasses, $13,

Sheer blouse, $26,

Flower Power

Chloe rose scalloped rimless round sunglasses, $400,

Elie Tahari embellished cotton dress, $130,


Square blue sunglasses, $20,

Ivory combined tee, $38,

Styling by Barbara Schmidt // Photos by Lauren Krysti