We will have a joint Q&A with Kevin Love and Jonny Flynn in Sunday's paper. What will it feature? Mascots, trampolines, dancers and a video concept called the Minneapolis Maniacs.

Here are just a few of the key ingredients: dynamite, pole vaulting, laughing gas, choppers - can you see how incredible this is going to be? - hang gliding, come on!

Sorry, but we are often reminded of Wes Anderson quotes at a time like this. The Q&A will have the first set of things, but not the second.

In any event, we asked Love a few bonus questions while we had his attention earlier today. As you will note in question No. 1, tomorrow is Flynn's 21st birthday. "I can't wait," Flynn said. "I'm going to have a good time."

Or, at least as much of a good time as someone can have in Minneapolis after a home game vs. Memphis.

Enough disjointed set-up. Here are the 4 bonus questions with Kevin Love:

RB: Jonny’s 21st birthday is Saturday. What do you recommend?
KL: I went to Vegas on my 21st birthday (in September), so I don’t know what to tell him. Hopefully we’ll go out as a team on Saturday night after the game and have a good time.

RB: Do you ever pretend that every song or movie with “Love” in the title is not about the concept but really about you, Kevin Love?
KL: What do they play after every basket? It has something to do with that. Sometimes it kind of gets played out, but some of it is all right.

RB: Do you think the Beach Boys could take the Beatles in a fight?
KL: Oh, absolutely. Who was it, Muhammad Ali, met the Beatles and after they left he joked about (beating them up). It's a great story. … But I definitely think the Beach Boys would take the Beatles any day.

RB: Can you please come back to Twitter yet?
KL: I actually deleted my Twitter, I think last month. I might be back. I was talking to my agent about some marketing opportunities, so I might be back in a couple of months. I’d have to be free-flowing. that's the only way I can go. I don’t like guys that just put up “going to have a cheeseburger right now.” I like guys that do funny stuff and I like updating people on stuff that's not really the norm.

If that's not enough, please do check out this excellent look back at Trevor Winter's 5 minutes of NBA fame. (Link via Deadspin).