The former Visitation High School girls tennis coach serving a year in the Ramsey County workhouse for sexually assaulting a student allegedly violated court orders by contacting the girl last month.

Daniel Erik Hubbard Wilson, 27, allegedly asked a third party on April 13 and 15 to post messages on the girl's Twitter account, according to a May 7 letter written by his probation officer. The letter, filed with the courts Monday, recommended that Wilson's year in the workhouse be annulled and that six years in prison hanging over his head be executed instead.

"He's worried, and he's taking it very seriously," Wilson's attorney, Eric Olson, said Monday.

Wilson pleaded guilty in January in Ramsey County District Court to third-degree criminal sexual conduct for assaulting a girl, who was 15 when the sexual contact first occurred in 2013. Wilson coached the girl at Visitation High School in Mendota Heights, and also served as her private coach.

Ramsey County District Judge Diane Alshouse sentenced Wilson in April to a year in the workhouse and 15 years' probation. She also ordered him to have no contact with the girl, undergo sex offender treatment, register as a sex offender for 10 years and to allow probation full access to his Internet usage, among other conditions.

Alshouse also ordered that a violation of her terms and conditions could send Wilson to prison for six years. Wilson is scheduled to appear before Alshouse on Thursday to face the allegations, which did not specify the third party's identity.

An arrest warrant was issued for Wilson Monday, but Olson said that he has been in custody at the workhouse 24 hours a day serving his time.

The latest allegation that Wilson contacted the girl against court orders is one among many levied against him. Wilson was first charged last October in Ramsey County District Court with sexually assaulting the student. In the months that followed, he was charged three times with violating a harassment restraining order by contacting the girl -- twice in Ramsey County and once in Hennepin County.

The Ramsey County cases alleged that he contacted the girl over social media, met up with her and tried to convince her to change information she shared with authorities that led to the October charges. The Hennepin County case alleged that Wilson showed up outside the girl's therapy session in Minneapolis the day before Thanksgiving last year.

As part of his plea deal, the two cases in Ramsey County were dropped and he agreed to plead guilty in the Hennepin County case. Wilson has a May 27 hearing scheduled in the Hennepin County case.

Court documents show that the girl's sexual contact with Wilson was consensual, but that is not a viable defense under Minnesota law because of their age difference and Wilson's job.

Wilson coached at Visitation from August 2010 until his resignation last September.