A former teacher pleaded guilty Tuesday to stalking a 17-year-old student in his Minneapolis South High School class.

Dan Arlen Anderson, 46, of Oakdale, would receive probation under state sentencing guidelines. Assistant Hennepin County Attorney Therese Galatowitsch told District Court Judge Tamara Garcia that prosecutors will ask for five years' probation and some jail time, although the agreement would cap that at 90 days. Anderson also must undergo a psychosexual evaluation and enroll in any recommended sex-offender treatment. Prosecutors also will ask that he register as a sex offender.

During questioning by his attorney, Sara MacGillis, Anderson admitted that he began pursuing the student in May and that he had "reason to know this was causing her great stress." He admitted he had known the girl for some time because he was her teacher and often discussed personal information with her, including her sexual experiences.

On May 15, he asked her to have sex with him, and she said she would think about it. That same day, he pulled her out of class and into the hall to ask about her "final assignment," which was having sex with Anderson, he admitted. She made several excuses and the next day, he called her up to his desk, asked for her phone number, and texted her in class to make sure she was getting the messages, he said in court.

Anderson also acknowledged that he had reason to know his actions would upset the victim because he had received sexual harassment training from the Minneapolis School District a few months earlier because of a prior complaint in his classroom.