Ryan Larson, who was arrested, then cleared in the November 2012 slaying of Cold Spring police officer Tom Decker, has sued Stearns County law enforcement, claiming that he was unlawfully arrested.

Larson, who also sued several Minnesota news outlets that identified him at the time of his arrest, filed a federal civil rights suit against Stearns County Sheriff John Sanner and Stearns County attorney Janelle Kendall and other law enforcement personnel, according to a statement from Larson’s attorney, Devon Jacob.

In 2012, Larson was living in an apartment above the parking lot where Decker was shot and killed. Initially named as a murder suspect by authorities, Larson was released from jail four days after his arrest and never charged.

Police later named another man who killed himself in January 2013 as Decker’s likely killer.

Larson’s multimillion-dollar lawsuits against KARE 11 and the St. Cloud Times, two outlets that named him at the time of his arrest, were dismissed by a jury in November.