Former Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton disclosed Wednesday that he is recovering at home after undergoing surgery and treatment for a fall in early August.

Dayton, 73, wrote on Facebook that he fell and hit his head in his kitchen on Aug. 4. His doctors determined that he needed surgery to relieve the pressure from internal bleeding and sent him to Abbott Northwestern Hospital for the procedure. The former Democratic governor said he expects “to return to full strength and resume usual activities” after several more months of outpatient rehabilitation.

“Thank goodness we live in a state with the best medical professionals operating in first-rate hospitals and clinics,” Dayton wrote. “Their prompt actions both saved my life and prevented any lasting damage. They have my deepest gratitude.”

Dayton, a former U.S. senator who served as governor from 2011 to 2019, was hospitalized for more than a month in late 2018 because of complications from back surgery.

His post suggests recovery from this recent episode, which included two weeks of intensive physical therapy at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Center, has been much smoother.

“I was told that I made excellent progress, except for one physical therapist, who noted that I was ‘still stubborn,’ ” Dayton wrote. “[My] son, Eric, replied that it was a ‘pre-existing condition!’ ”