If you get as excited about cocktails as we do, maybe like us your calendar is already marked – alerting you that Negroni Week is here again.

If you’re not quite that obsessive, but still enjoy a good, balanced cocktail, then you’re in luck: after kicking off in full force on Monday, national Negroni Week officially extends through the weekend, giving you plenty of time to imbibe.

Excuses aren’t really necessary when it comes to happy hour, but in this case, the motivation is plentiful – and it comes in the form of rocks glasses filled with those addictive, bittersweet, red-hued, orange peel-adorned libations. The formula – equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth – is simple enough, making for a great home-bartender project or an alluring foundation on which professionals can build.

Need another reason to partake? How about a good cause: Search your city on negroniweek.com for restaurants that are giving a portion of their proceeds to a charity of their choice.

But our best argument is probably that Negronis are simply delicious, in just about any form.

We’ve got you covered with a host of options, from classic varieties to slushie takes to non-alcoholic versions.

THE CLASSIC NEGRONI: The vintage Italian cocktail we all love, created by the Jesse Held team. Hey, it’s hard to improve on perfect.
Find it: Negroni, Monello

THE VEGGIE NEGRONI: A beet-infused gin plays the starring role here and lends an earthy note to the drink. Now you’re allowed to skip the salad at dinner, right?
Find it: Beet Negroni, 4Bells

THE AGED NEGRONI: Like a fine wine, this one has been sitting around for a while, getting extra delicious. After six months of bottle conditioning, expect this concoction – which includes barrel-aged Barolo Chinato – to offer a different, melded flavor.
Find it: Vintage Negroni (beginning June 8), Red Rabbit 

THE HERBAL NEGRONI: Cynar, an artichoke liqueur, replaces Campari in this version and fresh lemon and basil help to further push the summer vibe.
Find it: Lemon Basil Negroni, Ngon Bistro

THE COFFEE NEGRONI: Craving a cocktail first thing in the morning? It’s best to start with one that simply incorporates Campari syrup (the alcohol is boiled out) and gin bitters along with a vermouth spray. Although alcoholic ingredients are used, the drink is considered non-alcoholic.
Find it: the Dang ‘Ol, Five Watt

THE FROZEN NEGRONI: Why drink something in liquid form when you can have it in a slush? This grapefruit-tinged version brings the chill.
Find it: Negroni slushie, Mercy

THE FLORAL NEGRONI: In early June, the whole state seems bedecked with blooms, so why should your cocktail be any different? This one integrates violets and gentian.   
Find it: Seasonal Negroni, Young Joni

THE KEGGED NEGRONI: There’s something to be said for quickness, especially when you’re feeling parched after a long day. This Negroni adult soda – bottled and poured – is just the trick for ensuring a speedy (and consistent) sipper.
Find it: Negroni soda (pictured), Rabbit Hole

THE NON-ALCOHOLIC NEGRONI: Don’t want to get amped up from espresso or fall asleep from alcohol? This mocktail presents the happy medium, made from verjus (a highly acidic juice) and San-Bitter, a soda.
Find it: Verjus Negroni, Norseman Distillery

THE DESSERT NEGRONI: This Bittercube concoction is the after-dinner treat you’ve been seeking: white chocolate infused-Campari? Paired with a floral Bolivian spirit? Yes please.
Find it: White Chocolate Negroni, Cafe Alma