July 22, 2006: Minneapolis police officer Jason Andersen shoots 19-year-old Fong Lee eight times, killing him, outside Cityview Elementary School on the North Side. Police say Andersen and state trooper Craig Benz chased Lee after seeing him involved in what appeared to be the exchange of drugs.

July 24: At a news conference, police display a pistol they say was found next to Fong's body. They also say Lee was known to associate with gangs. Interim Police Chief Tim Dolan takes Andersen off leave, saying witness statements were consistent with Andersen's account.

July 26: About 150 of Fong Lee's family members and friends protest the shooting at City Hall, and the Hmong Advocacy Coalition files a complaint. Chief Dolan invites Lee's family to view video caught by surveillance camera outside the school.

June 28, 2007: A grand jury clears Andersen of criminal wrongdoing in the shooting, which was investigated internally by the police homicide and internal affairs units.

July 28, 2008: Andersen receives the Medal of Valor.

March 30, 2009: New documents are filed citing police reports that appear to show the gun had been stolen in 2004, recovered by police, and had been in police possession ever since.

April 2: Community activists call for an outside investigation. The city attorney assures Mayor R. T. Rybak and City Council members that the allegations are false.