An unusually powerful storm will bring heavy rain to parts of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. Heavy rain will break out across the Nile River Delta and the rest of northeastern Egypt Sunday afternoon. The heavy rain will sweep across the Sinai Peninsula and the Red Sea into Jordan, Israel, and Saudi Arabia at night.

In short order, 2-4 inches of rain will fall. Mudslides and flash flooding are a distinct possibility. It will even be cold enough for snow on top of Mount Sinai.

Strong winds will preceed the storm across Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Local dust storms will develop Sunday and continue Monday.

Normal rainfall for the entire month of January in Cairo is less than a quarter of an inch. They will likely receive over an inch from this storm. Rain is more common further north across Israel and Jordan.

The cold front associated with the storm will bring rain to central Saudi Arabia and most of Iraq on Monday.

By Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel