1 The long-awaited (as in 22 years) follow-up to the best shoegazer-rock album of all time, My Bloody Valentine’s “MBV” took only one week to be widely heralded as one of the best records of 2013. And it absolutely deserves the buzz. Guitar-warp sonic guru Kevin Shields picks up where he left off on the previous disc (“Loveless”), but such hypno-whirring songs as “In Another Way” sound more like revelations than continuations. MBV is making fans pony up at least $16 to download the full record from their site, or not hear it at all. There’s something classic about that, too.

4 It’s entirely possible that you have not had enough “Downton Abbey,” which concludes its third season Sunday night. Perhaps you want to pore over the text, looking for clues. Perhaps you want to act it out with your friends. For you, there is now “Downton Abbey: The Complete Scripts, Season One,” by Julian Fellowes. The stage directions are particularly fun. When Sybil faints and is rescued by Branson, “he takes her up in his arms, as tenderly as a father with his child.” Ah, just wait for Season 2.

5 “Squaresville” was one of the best written Web series to come out last year, and the Season 2 premiere promises more of the same. Teen-geek BFFs Zelda (Mary Kate Wiles) and Esther (Kylie Sparks) are having a fight, with their friend Percy stuck in the middle. It’s like a junior version of “Girls.” The best part: It was funded for only $12,000, raised on Kickstarter. New episodes come out every Friday. wonderly.com

2 Under Isabel Nelson’s crisp direction of her own script, the Illusion Theater’s cast for “Little Red Riding Hood” creates a beautifully realized world through movement, pantomime and sound. The actors become the set, the props and the sound design, conjuring a forest full of movement, a kitchen complete with dripping faucet, a crackling fire and a woodland cottage, using just their bodies and voices. illusiontheater.org

3 “Beautiful Creatures” is a welcome addition to the ranks of paranormal teen romance. This is a spirited, playfully comic drama, “Twilight’s” shrewder, funnier stepsister. It conjures a world of Deep South wizardry where the real soul-sapping comes from small-minded prejudice. As a character piece, the movie is an appealing romp, with memorable performances by Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons and Emmy Rossum.