Cardinals Pro Bowl wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald is a Minneapolis native who grew up working as a ballboy for the Vikings and attended Holy Angels High School.

Given his ties to the state, the Vikings might seem like a logical fit for Fitzgerald, who is entering the final season of a four-year, $40 million contract with the Cardinals. Fitzergald, though, said he is not thinking about leaving Arizona.

“I try to put it like this," he said. "I have one more year left on my deal, my job is to try to help the Arizona Cardinals win a championship and that’s my focus. I would like to play there. I’ve enjoyed my seven years there. If they want to keep me they’re going to have the first option to keep me. If they don’t, then obviously I have to find employment elsewhere.”

Asked if he ever thinks about playing for the Vikings, Fitzgerald said: “Honestly, I like coming home and just it being home. I go out with Adrian [Peterson] or Sidney [Rice] or Jared [Allen], guys like that, and they get mobed everywhere they go. I see how Joe [Mauer] gets mobbed everywhere. I’m good at just coming home and being able just to blend in and just being a regular guy. I kind of like that. So if it happened, it would obviously be a childhood dream come true, but if it doesn’t then I won’t lose any sleep over it.”

Fitzergald said he enjoys Phoenix, in part because he can often fly below the radar.

“It’s totally different because if you’re born here in Minnesota you are a Vikings fan," he said. "They give you a purple football and Arizona, nobody that lives in Arizona is from Arizona. Everybody is from Minnesota, Wyoming, Missouri. They are from all over the Midwest. You’re dealing with a lot of people that have Vikings affiliation. You went to the Vikings game down in Arizona two years ago. The whole stadium was Vikings fans. Everybody that is down there for the winter time is pulling for the Vikings. So it’s a little different.”