JEB BUSH, former Florida governor

Focused on his record, the economy; tried to display humor, humility. No repeat of recent public gaffes.

BEN CARSON, retired surgeon

Calm demeanor provided contrast with more boisterous peers. Inexperience didn’t lead to stumbles.

CHRIS CHRISTIE, New Jersey governor

Customary pugnaciousness paled compared to Trump’s. Sought to convey presidential bearing.

TED CRUZ, Texas senator

Anti-Washington stance came across loud and clear. Didn’t use humor as often as other candidates.

MIKE HUCKABEE, former Arkansas governor

Frequently emphasized conservative views; 2008 presidential campaign experience was evident.

JOHN KASICH, Ohio governor

Hometown favorite steered attention to record in Washington and Ohio. No sign of much-discussed pique.

RAND PAUL, Kentucky senator

Displayed combative streak in early exchange with Christie; tried to show determination, confidence.

MARCO RUBIO, Florida senator

Projected sincerity, familiarity with foreign policy issues; shared his family’s immigrant story.

DONALD TRUMP, businessman

Tried to leaven bombast with levity. Handled heat from the others with poise; didn’t skimp on barbs.

SCOTT WALKER, Wisconsin governor

Low-key stage presence; homed in on his record. Noted he’s been called “aggressively normal.”