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President Donald Trump's recent executive order calling for a review of a rule protecting small bodies of water from pollution and development is strongly supported by golf course owners who are wary of being forced into expensive cleanups. Trump's business holdings include a dozen golf courses in the United States, and critics say his executive order is par for the course: a conflict of interest that would result in a benefit to Trump properties if it goes through.

Blacks, whites and Latinos are united in their pessimism about the current and future state of race relations under Trump, according to a new McClatchy-Marist poll. More than half of Americans believe race relations in the country have worsened over the last year and will continue to deteriorate under Trump. The poll found that 51 percent of registered voters think relations have gotten worse, while 10 percent think they have improved. And with Trump in the White House, 51 percent also said they expect relations to worsen.

President Trump wasn't in the white-tie-clad audience at the Saturday night annual dinner of Washington journalism's Gridiron Club, but he was there in spirit, or at least as a target. POTUS declined to attend, but Vice President Mike Pence was there for the punchlines, many aimed at the Trump White House's contacts with Russia. Sen. Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, got off some laugh lines, including: "I actually earned some points with the White House tonight — on my salad I asked for Russian dressing. Jeff Sessions recommended it. He got the recipe from the Russian ambassador."

Tehran has pledged since last year to help in the search for Robert A. Levinson, a former FBI agent who had disappeared in Iran in March 2007. As a candidate, Trump vowed in 2015 to bring Levinson home. Today the Trump administration faces a decision about how to bring about a resolution of his case.

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