The Devil wears Prada, because black is so slimming. And you can spill pitch all over it and no one can tell:

A former employee of Prada Japan who claims she was harassed by the local unit of the Italian fashion house for being ugly said Monday she had begun legal proceedings for unfair dismissal.


Bovrisse, a Japanese national married to a Frenchman, alleges that Prada Japan pressured a number of female employees into resigning by describing them as "aged, ugly, fat, bad body shape, bad teeth, disgusting and not cute."

Thus were the hopes dashed for employees who were ugly, aged, had a mouthful cockney-choppers, but were still cute. Nope. It’s an interesting question - does Prada have the right to fill the retail stores with chipper size-zero sylphs? Sure. But making everyone in the back office conform to the Prada ideal is a bit severe, like making everyone in a newspaper office speak in pyramid leads and anecdotal opening paragraphs.

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