Tori Ramen is temporarily closed after an accidental fire damaged parts of the restaurant.

The small, popular ramen eatery at 161 Victoria St. N. in St. Paul notified its followers just before midnight on Wednesday, with a Facebook post.

“[We’re] shut down for a (maybe) few weeks everyone, sadly,” it read in part. “There was a fire started from the basement due to some old wiring. We had every single fireman out here to subdue the mess. Rebuilding begins. Back to square one.”

But a new update indicated the ruin was perhaps not as bad as they initially anticipated.

“It looks like we will be able to open very soon once we repair a few things on the main floor,” a new statement posted on Facebook early Friday morning read. “The fire was honestly not as bad as it could have been, big thanks to SPFD! If all goes well, we should be able to open within the next few days, and we can once again warm your soul with the good stuff. Stay tuned.”

Tori Ramen, which debuted last year, specializes in pork-free and vegetarian versions of the Asian noodle soup indicated in its name.