Minnesota is home to more Finnish-Americans than any other state. Here are the top 10 connections:

1. Saunas. Pronounced “SOW-na,” not “SAW-na.”

2. Mikko Koivu, captain of the Wild and possibly the richest Finnesotan, with a new $11 million contract extension.

3. Modesty. As the Finns say, “Oma kehu haisee” (self-praise stinks).

4. Savagery. As the Swedes say, “The Finns — they’re quick with the knife.”

5. Social democracy. Early Finns in Minnesota were enthusiastic supporters of cooperatives, unions and socialism.

6. Osmo Vänskä. Music director of the Minnesota Orchestra since 2003.

7. Finnish. More students at the University of Minnesota study the Finnish language than at any other U.S. university.

8. Logsmithing. Finnish builders were renowned for creating airtight log buildings to withstand the cold.

9. Marimekko. What Minnesota household hasn’t brought home the brightly colored textiles from a Target run?