As much as I like opening the daily deal in my e-mail box from Groupon, Crowd Cut and Living Social, they seem to be more of the smae old, same old--a lot of spa treatments and restaurants.

Today's deal from Groupon appeals to the brute in all of us with a half-off deal on Paintball at Splatball Inc (2412 University Av. SE., Mpls, 612-378-0385). For $15 (usually $30) you get admission, the paintball gun rental, compressed air and goggles rental. It can only be used from 6-9 p.m. Fridays and 3-6 Sundays. The coupon does not inlcude ammo, but they can be purchased for $20 for 500. 

Another deal deal that's going to hurt so good is from Crowd Cut. Get two non-invasive, 15-minute spider vein treatments from Skin & Laser Specialist in Minnetonka (14001 Ridgedale Dr., Suite 390, 952-837-9000). I don't claim to know anything about spider vein removal and I don't know if it really costs $800 for this regularly, but I'm glad to see something a little different being offered from the coupon sites. Still, I put in a call to the clinic to find out how many of these procedures that Jason Moran (the clinician who will do the work) has done. I also want to know how much it will cost if more than two sessions are required. (I left a voicemail and will provide an update after I get a callback.)

Lets see, what else can the coupon daily deal sites offer us? A discount on Lasik, a porcelain tooth crown for $200, a deck replacement. Are these sites taking requests yet?