Q: Can you tell me if the TV show "Younger," starring Sutton Foster, will return for a seventh season?

A: It will, but in a new location at first. Paramount+, the revamped version of streaming service CBS All Access, will have the seventh and final season of the series at a date to be announced. Later this year, after the Paramount+ premiere, the seventh season will also be shown on TV Land, the home of the show's first six seasons. (Those six seasons are also on CBS All Access, which evolves into Paramount+ on March 4.)

Is 'actress' disappearing?

Q: Can you tell me why everyone calls actresses "actors" now? There seems to be no differentiating between males and females.

A: The change is an attempt to be more gender-neutral than the actor/actress distinction is. An actor, says my beloved Oxford English Dictionary, is simply "a person who acts a part on stage or (in later use also) in a film, on television, etc." No gender assigned there.

But the change is not as common as you seem to think when you look at awards. The Oscars, Emmys, Tonys and Golden Globes still go to actors and actresses, but there have been calls to eliminate gender-based categories.

The Screen Actors Guild uses the word "actor" for men and women in its award categories, although it still gender-separates into "male actor" and "female actor." But even that attempt overlooks actors who are nonbinary, identifying neither as exclusively male nor as female. A best approach may be the one taken by my old friends in the Television Critics Association, who award "individual achievement" in performance, a label that can embrace everyone.

'FBI' cast changes fast

Q: Why is actress Ebonee Noel, who played Kristen Chazal on "FBI," not on the show?

A: "FBI," like all the shows from producer Dick Wolf, is more than willing to make cast changes for creative reasons. (Think of the comings and goings on Wolf series bearing the "Law & Order" and "Chicago " brands.) It appears that Noel's departure was one of those changes — but since Chazal was simply reassigned to Dallas on the show, there's a chance Noel could show up again on "FBI" or another Wolf show.

Connors left us in '92

Q: I was wondering if Chuck Connors of "The Rifleman" is still around. That is one of my favorite shows of all time.

A: Connors died in 1992 at age 71. According to the Washington Post, he was found to have lung cancer after entering the hospital to treat lingering pneumonia; he died a few days later. A former Major League Baseball player, Connors also appeared in movies and the TV series "Arrest and Trial," "Branded," the original version of "Roots" and "Werewolf."

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