A dispute between two brothers who “hated” one another led to murder Wednesday in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul, according to murder charges.

Justin M. Girling, 32, was charged Friday in Ramsey County District Court with one count of second-degree murder with intent in the killing of his brother, Kurt R. Schmeck.

The shooting occurred about 1:40 p.m. in their mother’s home in the 1000 block of 3rd Street E., where both men also lived.

“ ‘Hi, my name is Justin,’ ” the criminal complaint said Girling told a 911 dispatcher after his mother called to report the shooting. “ ‘I just shot my brother in self-defense in my house. … He challenged me and I shot him in self-defense.’ ”

Schmeck, 47, suffered gunshot wounds to the chest, neck and lower back. The men’s mother told her friend that one son was upset because the other had woken him up.

According to the complaint, the men’s mother gave police this account of the shooting:

She was baking cookies when Schmeck emerged from his basement bedroom.

“Schmeck yelled at [her] that he didn’t like cookies,” the complaint said.

Schmeck left to buy chickpeas. When he returned, she was on the phone with her friend. Schmeck complained about the service he received at the store.

She was removing cookies from the oven when Girling came downstairs to ask about their activity and “reminded [her] and Schmeck that he lived there, too.”

Schmeck walked toward Girling, who shot him with a handgun from about 6 feet away.

“He shot me,” Schmeck said after falling to the ground onto his stomach.

Schmeck tried to get up, and Girling shot him two more times.

The men’s mother told police that they were half-siblings and hated each other. Schmeck frequently complained about people making too much noise, she said.

The mother’s friend told police that he overheard part of the confrontation over the phone.

“ ‘He’s coming now,’ ” the mother told the friend. “ ‘I hope they don’t get into it and start arguing or fighting.’ ”

The friend heard the brothers arguing and one of them saying, “ ‘What are you going to do about it tough guy?’ ”

The friend heard a loud crash and the mother screaming. She pleaded for him to call the police, and ended up calling 911 herself.

Girling told the 911 dispatcher and officers and medics at the scene that he shot Schmeck, but declined an interview after his arrest. He divulged the gun’s whereabouts to police, and has a permit to carry the firearm, the complaint said.

No weapons were found on Schmeck, and Girling appeared uninjured.

“Investigators found no signs that a physical struggle or altercation had occurred inside the house,” the complaint said. “The home was tidy and smelled of freshly baked chocolate chip and walnut cookies which were on the counter and still in the oven.”