The attorney for a Chisago County man said that nearly all of his client's high-powered firearms — more than a dozen machine guns, an unregistered shotgun and several silencers — were handed down to him a few years ago after his war veteran father died and now has him in trouble with federal authorities.

Jeremy W. Egyhazi, 35, of Shafer, was charged last week in federal court in Minneapolis with unlawful possession of 14 machine guns, a 12-gauge shotgun whose barrel was cut to less than 18 inches and four unregistered silencers.

Egyhazi has been charged by "information," meaning that he's notified authorities of his intention to plead guilty.

Two of the machine guns and all four silencers bore no serial numbers, and the shotgun was not legally registered to him, according to the charges.

Speaking on behalf of his client, defense attorney Peter Wold said Monday afternoon that Egyhazi's father, Robert, died in April 2016 at age 70 and left the machine guns along with tools to Jeremy.

"His father was a Vietnam War veteran," Wold said, explaining where the machine guns came from. Wold did not say how the father was able to obtain the weapons.

Wold said that given the circumstances of how Egyhazi came to possess the guns, the court will spare him any time in prison.