I was excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the Census staff giving me the chance to create the change that I seek in the accuracy of the official count of current US residents. As a part of the training process for US Census Enumerator I was required to submit my finger prints to the FBI for a thorough criminal background check. I was swiftly contacted to have my census materials taken away due to the fact that my finger prints matched an federal arrest record. Of course upon review of the case I was approved for work with the census the news, however came conveniently after someone had already taken over my responsibilities for census work.

Since I am eligible for work in the next round of census jobs I just have to sit tight until I am contacted again by the local main office.

Unfortunately the census bureau has no authority to share any information with me regarding my background check and when or what I was arrested for, or what crime I was guilty of. So, now I have to pay to request my own background check, get finger printed again, and speak directly with the FBI.

Why do I suddenly feel like the FBI owes me lost wages and pain & suffering?


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