The FBI made six arrests in Minneapolis and in San Diego Sunday as part of a Joint Terrorism Task Force operation, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Minnesota office.

“There is no threat to public safety,” said Ben Petok, spokesman for U.S. Attorney Andy Luger.

More information will be released Monday morning, when media will be briefed by Luger and FBI Special Agent Richard Thornton on details surrounding the arrests.

Omar Jamal, a Somali activist in Minneapolis, said the community has been abuzz about arrests Sunday of several young Somali men both in Minneapolis and California that appear to be linked to the ongoing investigation related to the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and Al-Shabab.

“The community is in a state of confusion,” Jamal said Sunday night. “They don’t know what is going on. … This is a very serious issue. We as a community are concerned about losing our kids to [ISIL].”

At least 22 young Somali men have left Minnesota since 2007 to join Al-Shabab in Somalia. At least nine are dead, some have been charged and several remain at large.

Jamal added that he spoke to a cousin of one of the arrested young men who said he was taken into custody at home.