We’re only four games into this NFL season, one that seems as wide open as any in recent memory. Gambling odds, particularly after four games, don’t mean much.

That said, the way the odds stand right now, every Twin Cities resident might want to consider listing his or her property for rent during Super Bowl week — not for the profit potential, but to make sure they are as far away from this place as possible if the two favored teams are the ones that end up making it.

The likeliest matchup for the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, a mere four months away: Green Bay from the NFC and New England from the AFC. Minnesota fans have an instinctive reflex to dislike any team that wins too much, particularly one that has been caught cheating. That disdain is eclipsed dramatically, though by the way Vikings fans feel about the Packers.

If the dream is for the Vikings to win this Super Bowl in their home stadium, the nightmare is for two disliked teams to play in it, and for the Packers to win it.

The Patriots check in at just below 7 to 1 odds to win it, slightly better than the second-best Packers. The Vikings are at 60 to 1.

A lot can change in 12 regular season games and a full playoff run. If not, there’s always Airbnb.

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