Here are some of the actions taken by Gov. Tim Pawlenty on bills that were sent to him by the Legislature, which adjourned on Monday.


• Bill making failure to wear a seat belt a "primary" violation -- that is, if motorists or passengers are not wearing seat belts, they can be stopped and ticketed for that reason alone. Currently, people can be ticketed for not wearing a seat belt only if the vehicle is pulled over for another violation, such as speeding. The new law takes effect June 9. (HF108)

• Resolution urging Congress to repeal an 1863 law that banished Dakota Indians from Minnesota in the wake of the 1862 Dakota Conflict. (SF1623)

• Bill on rights of people with court-appointed guardians (HF818)

SIGNED BUT Scaled Back

• Bill distributing funds generated by the Legacy Amendment to the state Constitution. Line-item veto stripped $200,000 for the Star Lake Board, which designates star lakes and rivers, among other functions. (HF1231)


• Bill allowing terminally ill patients to use marijuana for medical purposes under specified conditions. (SF97)

• Elections bill that would have moved primaries from September to August and made changes in the absentee ballot process. (SF1331)

• Homestead Lender Mediation Act dealing with foreclosure. (HF354)

For a look at gubernatorial action on all legislation sent to him this session, go to and click on "Bill Log."