MOA gets Lacoste

Hot on the boat shoe-clad toes of the recent prep style resurgence, iconic French brand Lacoste has opened its first Minnesota store at the Mall of America. For more than 70 years, the sporty apparel company -- known for its crocodile logo -- has inspired a legion of polo shirt-wearing preppies, a movement that reached its pinnacle with the 1983 film "Valley Girl." Take a cue from modern-day preppies such as Ivy League indie-rock band Vampire Weekend and the cast of "Gossip Girl," and check out the store's selection of men's and women's sportswear basics. The store carries everything today's preppy needs: knit pastel vests, khakis, hats and, of course, polo shirts.

Vs. Social Standard goes Uptown

Sneaker boutique Vs. Social Standard has expanded from its relatively new Southdale location to Uptown. The expansion exemplifies the latest boutique trend of high-end hip hop-inspired style, represented by shops such as Status in Uptown and 6Twelve Premium in St. Paul. The selection at Vs. Social Standard features more of the streetwear, high-end sneakers and bike parts it's become known for. Sneaker brands include Jordan, JB Classics, DC Life, Vans, New Balance and Creative Recreation, with men's and women's apparel from Rocksmith, KiloGoods, Lemar and Dauley, 10Deep and more.

  • 1221 W. Lake St.