A Farmington man convicted of criminal vehicular homicide for killing three brothers in a 2004 drunken-driving crash pleaded guilty this week to two felony counts of driving while intoxicated.

Boe Barlage, 33, was arrested May 14 for drunken driving in Lakeville. He will be sentenced in Dakota County District Court on Nov. 12 and faces three to seven years in prison. Until then, he is free on bail.

Barlage had previously spent 5½ years in prison for his role in a crash that killed three brothers. On Oct. 10, 2004, Barlage tried to pass another vehicle while on his cellphone and driving on Hwy. 50 near Farmington. Barlage's vehicle swerved into a car driven by Matthew Backstrom, 20. Backstrom and his brothers Jacob, 17, and Justin, 16, were all killed.

Barlage, who had a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent at the time, pleaded guilty to three counts of criminal vehicular homicide. His criminal history also includes three convictions between 2000 and 2001 for consuming and possessing alcohol as a minor.

Stephen Montemayor