It was only 10 days ago, I promise you, that the Vikings were the darlings of the NFL. They were 5-0, about to go play an Eagles team suddenly struggling, and everybody was straining to see just when — when? — this team would ever lose. The national media was writing glowing things about the defense and Sam Bradford. The troubling performances of the offensive line and running game were being papered over.

And, well, it turns out that functional offensive line play is pretty important. After two dismal road performances, the Vikings are 5-2. Those same fans who were straining to see the next loss are now covering their eyes and wondering when they'll see another win. And the national media has turned on the Vikings.

It's not surprising. It's not even wrong, even though this is still probably a 10- or 11-win team when the dust settles.

But it is all kicked up right now.

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