Most dorm rooms look like prison and smell like EZMac. Most college students put in minimal effort to improve these conditions. They might tack a poster on the wall of their favorite band or burn some patchouli incense.

But not at the University of Mississippi. Two first-year students there turned their drab dorm rooms into a lavish luxury suite complete with tufted upholstered head boards, gold-plated lamps and monogrammed satin pillows -- all coordinated better than a Pottery Barn Teen catalog. Imagine the kind of place Queen Elizabeth II would stay if she were a college student.

"Ole Miss" freshmen Lindy Goodson and Abby Bozeman posted photos of their room on Twitter and Instagram, the two of them perched on tuffets like royalty. The reaction was mixed.

Some swooned.

Others found the room downright terrifying.

It turns out that super fancy dorm rooms at the southern university are a thing. The tradition came to light after Goodson and Bozeman's dorm photos reached Internet fame. Suddenly, other students started tweeting photos of their own luxuriously-decorated dorm rooms.

The apparent trend of these interior design magazine-worthy dorm rooms has been reported on by BuzzFeed, USA Today, CBS News and

What do you think? Are these college dwellings creative or crazy? We challenge Minnesota college students to do better than monogrammed pillows and Tiffany blue bed skirts. Share photos of your own inspired dorm décor with us (e-mail them to, and we'll post the best.