Sorry I he not been around, I've been dealing with exhustion, plus my daughters continued complications in the aftermath of her bariatric surgery, But, she has lost 100 pounds in a year. Also dealng with my wife Diane's surgery to remove her left lung due to cancer. She has been  home  for about a month, and is doing great.

I suspect this early warm weather, may result in an early spring. BIrds do not migrate as a result of photoperiod / date, but rather due to warm weather / lack of snow deph. So - we may see many migrants show up early this year. plus early breeding (such as turkeys for you hunters). Unfortunatley for insect and invertbrate eaters, if there is later cold weater or snow, it may result in a shortage of forage, and death due to starvation and hypothermia as a result of starvtion. We saw this in bluebirds a few years ago. 

I suspect spring wildflowers may appear early too. So, gert out and enjoy God's great outdoors.    

Thanks for all of your prayers,

God bless,


PS: We plan on doing a lot of birding and nature tours the rest of the spring and summer. If you are interested in a birding. wildlife, wildlowering or photography tour in MN, WI, ND, SD or CO -  e-mail

First up will be Cedar Bridgd, and severallocalparks and known birding area. for waterfowl nd wading / shore birds. Then Crex Meadows for Tr Swans, Osprey, warblers, B Eagles, waterfowl, shorebirds, otter,fisher, wolf, deer.

Then a trip to the SD's Black Hill's and Custer State Park, And then CO's Rocky Mtn Park..   

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