1776: The Declaration of Independence is adopted by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.

1778: Gen. George Washington directs his army to put "green boughs" in their hats, issues them a double allowance of rum, and orders a July 4th artillery salute.

1930: Gutzon Borgium unveils the 60-foot face of George Washington carved on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

1942: Fireworks in most cities are canceled because of wartime blackouts. 1960: The 50th-star flag waves for the first time as Hawaii is given statehood. 1968: Anti-war demonstrations mar speeches given by Vice President Hubert Humphrey in Philadelphia and Gov. George Wallace in Minneapolis. 1976: The year of the nation's Bicentennial -- at 2 p.m., the time the Declaration of Independence was originally approved, churches and people throughout the nation ring bells to mark the occasion.

Factoids from James R. Heintze's website