Electronic advertising billboards are being sprinkled throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul downtown skyway systems, marking the first extensive high-tech ad campaign effort to date for the second-level pedestrian pathways.

Installation of the billboards — both using still and video imagery that can be changed remotely — started last month and will be complete by early summer, said Carly Zipp, spokeswoman for New York-based Outfront Media, the provider of the signage.

“This is the first systemwide deployment of dynamic displays in the skyway systems,” Zipp said Wednesday. Over the years, there have been a smattering of billboards around the skyway systems, but the ads could not be changed from a remote location.

Once this initial phase of the campaign is complete, there will be 10 billboards in the Minneapolis skyways and four in St. Paul, Zipp said. There are plans for more to be installed later in the summer, she said.

“We are excited to bring the Minneapolis and St. Paul skyway systems cutting-edge technology that improves the pedestrian skyway experience,” Andy Sriubas, an executive vice president at Outfront, said in a statement. “With thousands of working professionals passing through the skyways each day, we see tremendous potential to maximize impact for advertisers and the user experience.”