National political operative Ed Rollins has joined the board of A Stronger Minnesota, a new independent spending group aiming to elect conservative majorities to the Minnesota Legislature.

Andy Parrish, who started the Stronger Minnesota group in late September, worked with Rollins on U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann's presidential campaign.. He calls Rollins, who worked with President Ronald Reagan, headed the National Republican Congressional Committee and many other campaigns, "a living legend."

Parrish said Rollins will be an active part of the organization.

Earlier, 2010 gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer joined the Stronger Minnesota board.

Parrish said that in the last six days the group has raised more than $25,000 to funnel into four legislative districts.

Each of the districts features a Republican challenger who is working to unseat a Democratic incumbent. The seats are in the Rochester area -- Melissa Valeriano v. Rep. Kim Norton -- Baxter/Brainerd area -- Chris Kellett v. Rep. John Ward -- Brooklyn Park -- Andrew Reinhardt v. Rep. Melissa Hortman -- and Coon Rapids --  Mandy Benz v. Rep. Jerry Newton.

Both Emmer and Rollins have attracted their share of both admirers and detractors in their careers but Parrish said he works well with both and "they are both great men of integrity."

A Stronger Minnesota is designed to be the conservative answer to the liberal Alliance for a Better Minnesota.

The Alliance has raised and spent millions in Minnesota elections and has focused heavily this year on electing Democratic majorities to the House and Senate.