Are early deals on Twins merchandise a bad sign of another slumping season? Of course not. The discounters were well into the Vikings losing season before they started to mark down purple and gold jerseys. 

But there are already some good deals on Twins merchandise. Costco is selling a variety of Twin caps for $12.99 (item # 623993), and pullover V-necks (item #610342) or hoodies (item #610440) for $39.99. Those prices are slightly less than Target. On Monday, stores still had the V-necks and hoodies but caps were sold out. They are sold only in stores, not online. To avoid an disappointment you can ask a store to do a stock check by phone with the 6-digit item number above.


Another savings on Twins memorabilia is today's daily deal on DealChicken. Get a deal on a slice of the former Metrodome roof with a baseball, pennant or other screen print. The offer lets you spend $15 for an item valued at $30. To make the deal a little sweeter, the roof swatches are on sale for prices under $30, so you don't have to spend more than $15 for a memento.