The city of Eagan can use eminent domain to buy the last five properties it wants in the Cedar Grove redevelopment area, a Dakota County district judge has ruled.

Property owners American Accounts, Competition Engines, Larson's Automotive, the Mediterranean Cruise Cafe and U Haul were affected by the decision, according to a statement from the city.

The city has already bought more than 90 percent of the properties in an area around the old Cedarvale Mall. That's where Eagan leaders hope to build a mix of housing, offices, and retail and open space in a walkable community.

The mall was demolished in February. The court ruling paves the way for redevelopment, though it's unclear whether the property owners will appeal the judge's decision forcing them to sell, the city said.

The eminent domain process calls for court-appointed commissioners to review appraisals provided by the city and property owners, view the sites and settle on a fair price for the properties.