Bob Dylan/ Photo by Jeffrey R. Staab/ CBS/ AP

Bob Dylan/ Photo by Jeffrey R. Staab/ CBS/ AP


Minnesotans made their mark in Rolling Stone’s new 100 greatest songwriters of all time.

Bob Dylan, born in Duluth and raised in Hibbing, ranks No. 1, to no one’s surprise. “No one set the bar higher, or had greater impact,” wrote Rolling Stone, which has been consistently championing Dylan since the magazine began publishing in 1967.

Prince rates No. 18, right behind Neil Young and ahead of Leiber and Stoller, Lou Reed, Van Morrison, Robert Johnson, Elvis Costello, Randy Newman, Ray Davies of the Kinks, Buddy Holly and Pete Townshend of the Who.

Said Questlove to Rolling Stone about Prince: "He knew the balance between innovation and America's digestive system. He's the only artist who was able to, basically, feed babies the most elaborate of foods that you would never give a child and know exactly how to break down the portions so they could digest it."

And the reclusive and reluctant Paul Westerberg ranks No. 92. Opined fellow Minnesotan Craig Finn of the Hold Steady to Rolling Stone: "So you think this guy was this drunk, punkish dude and all the sudden he's really sensitive and really vulnerable. Because he's got you looking both ways, it's bigger, it hits harder. Or softer, depending on how you look at it."

While all three Minnesotans deserved the love, you still wonder how much cred to give this Rolling Stone ranking when Max Martin is listed at No. 41, ahead of Sly Stone, Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Willie Nelson, to name a few.