Move over, salads. There’s a new way to consume vegetables, but it’s probably not what your mother had in mind.

Instead of ordering veggies from the food menu, patrons are discovering that it’s more fun to drink them. For bartenders, the basic formula is easy.

Step one: Pick a fresh veggie.

Step two: Add booze.

Finally, embellish the drink with signature touches — infuse the basic concoctions with bitters and herbs, spark­ling wines and aperitifs.

“In the summer, we have so many different vegetables to work with,” said Robb Jones, the bar director at Spoon and Stable and Bellecour. “This is the time to celebrate these things that we don’t have access to year-round — when they’re at their prime.”

Talk about putting the “bar” in salad bar. As this garden-to-glass movement takes hold, here are four fresh, flavorful drinks to try.


Spoon and Stable, Mpls.

Snap peas are the sweet, fresh star, complemented by mint, gin, lime and a French aperitif.

Nachito Mojito

The Bad Waitress, NE. Mpls.

A golden rum classic with sparkling wine, bitters, mint — and a muddled red Fresno pepper kick.

Carrot Mimosa

Cafe Alma, Mpls.

Aquavit brings out the carrot’s earthiness, and apples, oranges and bitters balance out this sipper.

Grapefruit and Cucumber fizz

Upton 43, Mpls.

The epitome of simple and fresh: vermouth, juicy cucumber, grapefruit soda and ice. Ahhh.