When it comes to bears, Duluth police were hoping that what goes up would come down.

A black bear wandered into downtown Duluth on Wednesday, high-tailed it up a tree and quickly became a social media darling as crowds gathered to snap photos and videos, including the one below posted by Dan Kraker of Minnesota Public Radio.

Bears often wander through the city’s many wooded areas, said Chris Balzer, Department of Natural Resources area wildlife manager based in Cloquet.

Sometimes a hungry bruin will make its way into a neighborhood, enticed by food in garbage cans and bird feeders.

But a bear downtown is a little more unusual, he said.

“The biggest thing is for people to leave it alone and it will come down on its own and move off,” Balzer said.

It’s harder for that to happen downtown because there are too many people around, he said.

Eventually, the bear went from one tree to another nearby shortly after sunset before climbing down and leaving the area, the Duluth News Tribune reported.