Tropical Cyclone Lin passed through the Tonga Islands Saturday night and Sunday with high winds and heavy rain.

Lin's closest approach to the Tonga Islands was over Tongatapu. The main airport to the chain of 171 islands notched wind gusts to 60 mph. Meanwhile, more than 7 inches of rain fell just north of the Tonga Islands on Wallis Island.

Lin will continue to move to the south today, away from the Tonga Islands.

It will no longer pose a threat to land.

Meanwhile, a stronger tropical Cyclone is taking aim on northern Madagascar.

Heavy rain has preceded the arrival of the Cyclone. Before slamming into northern Madagascar early Monday, 26S may reach hurricane-strength.

The east coast of Madagascar has had heavy rain Sunday. One to two inches rain amounts fell in 12 hours. Just after midnight local time, 26S will make landfall. The cyclone will slow down after making landfall, so major flooding is possible.

Winds will gust 70 to 80 mph on the northern coast of Madagascar, while a larger portion of the island will have More rain is possible Tuesday and Wednesday if the cyclone stalls out.

Story by Senior Meteorologist Dave Samuhel