During the Twins-Red Sox broadcast on Boston's NESN feed Wednesday, footage of the Metrodome's implosion was shown.

That's cool, except:

1) The Metrodome was never imploded in a big blast. It was, instead, taken down piece by piece.

2) The footage NESN showed was actually the Kingdome in 2000.

3) In a bizarre extra twist, on the video NESN showed, there was a roof digitally added to the Kingdome that sort of looked like the Metrodome roof. A couple of astute readers noted the bogus footage is actually from an old Hawk Harrelson spoof.

not wrong, but Adrian Peterson's Twitter rant about the nature of NFL deals actually raised some good points, just clumsily and in a terrible format.

hmmm One of the NBA's best coaches (Tom Thibodeau) is available after being fired Thursday. Know any up-and-coming teams?