“Girls back then were not welcome in the man’s world of the Great Outdoors.
We were the first girls in the United States to be allowed to go to an Outward Bound school. Could we do what guys had been doing for so long?”

Those are the resonant words of Maxine Davis of Minnesota in a trailer for “Women Outward Bound,” a 2016 documentary that a chronicles a month in 1965 when 24 people (including Davis) became the first women allowed to attend the wilderness school, in Minnesota. In the film, members of the group return together to the North Woods.

Davis, the documentary’s director, was a junior at Washburn High School in Minneapolis at the time of the odyssey.

The documentary airs at 7 p.m. Tuesday on TPT, Ch. 2.

Watch the trailer, see archival photos, and learn more at womenoutwardbound.com.