Until someone confirms the presence of Dippers in a North Shore stream, Deadwood, S.D., might be the closest place to look. Dippers recently were seen in Spearfish Creek from the Mickelson Trail's Pluma trailhead on the west end of Deadwood. The person making the sighting said the birds were visiting a nesting site used last year. Other sightings can be made along the creek downstream, but traffic can be a problem.

The birds also have nested in East Spearfish Creek. There is a campground on the road that follows the creek a few miles. From Lead, S.D., take US Highway 85 south 7.6 miles to Hanna campground sign (just beyond Cheyenne Crossing). Turn left at sign and go 2.2 miles to campground. The Hanna birds are best seen before vegetation leafs out. The stream becomes hidden at that time, for the most part. I've seen the birds fly up and down the stream while I was sitting in a lawn chair at the campground.

This pair of Dippers was photographed near the Hanna campground a few years ago.