Former Guthrie employee Molly Diers filed a charge of discrimination against the theater. /Brian Peterson

Molly Diers, who resigned from the Guthrie Theater scene shop in January, has filed a charge of discrimination with the city of Minneapolis' Department of Civil Rights.

Alleging that she was "repeatedly subjected to gender discrimination and a hostile work environment," Diers' complaint said that the sex-based and retaliation-based discrimination took place throughout her tenure at the theater's scene shop, from 2004 to Jan. 11 of this year, when she resigned.

In addition to the filing with the city, a charge filed with the National Labor Relations Board and a Guthrie investigation are both ongoing. The next step on the Department of Civil Rights complaint, which Diers submitted March 4, also is an investigation. Representatives of the Civil Rights department said 88 cases involving alleged employee discrimination were filed with the city in 2017.