David Gilmour and Roger Waters performing together at the Live8 concert in 2005. / Associated Press

David Gilmour and Roger Waters performing together at the Live8 concert in 2005. / Associated Press

UPDATE: Pink Floyd's publicist at Sony Music says that was NOT Gilmour dining with Waters last night. Also, the Bar La Grassa assistant manager on duty last night said he personally did not see Gilmour in Waters' entourage of a dozen-plus, and none of the staff on duty recognized him, either. They did recognize G.E. Smith, the old SNL bandleader who is part of Waters' band. However, the manager also said two other diners at the restaurant last night were saying they thought they saw Gilmour amid the pack. We maybe won't know for sure until after the two shows this week.

As is well known among Pink Floyd fans, David Gilmour has committed to showing up as a surprise guest at one (and only one) of the shows on Roger Waters' "The Wall" tour. This month's Rolling Stone cover story on Waters referenced that promise, and then the writer added a snarky line about London being the most likely spot "as opposed to, say, Omaha." Plenty of Midwestern readers speculated right there and then that the once-feuding bandmates might meet up in Nebraska, and now there might be more reason to jump to that conclusion.

Waters dined with a large entourage at Bar La Grassa in Minneapolis on Monday night, and at least one person in the know is saying they spotted Gilmour amid the pack. Local scenester, writer and music nut Chuck Terhark happened to be dining there for his birthday on Monday and was certain he saw Gilmour with them. "Waters was wearing a marching hammers hoodie, which was hilarious," Terhark said (marching hammers being part of "The Wall's" animation). Staff at the restaurant confirmed Waters was there, but they're uncertain about Gilmour.

Monday was an off night for the tour. Waters is set to perform in Omaha tonight, and then he has his Xcel Energy Center gig in St. Paul on Wednesday night. It's very feasible that he is spending all three nights (Monday through Wednesday) in the Twin Cities as a base and only flying straight in and out of Omaha. That's not exactly a ringing endorsement of Omaha's hospitality, but I doubt anybody in Omaha will be complaining if Gilmour does indeed appear at the show tonight.

If he's not there tonight, then Twin Cities fans can hold out hope the two bandmates might reunite here. Unless Chuck was drinking a lot of wine at La Grassa and seeing things.