Michelle Fries shares her tips for stylish interiors.

Ways to infuse color:

• Fries starts with a simple neutral backdrop, such as white walls, and introduces color with pieces of art, accessories and area rugs. “Dabble colors from artwork or a vase around the room,” she said.

• If you mingle several elements of varying patterns or colors, make sure to repeat bolder hues for emphasis; she repeats teal accents in her sunroom.

• If you aren’t sure which colors will make you happy, start by incorporating something inexpensive, such as a blanket or floral arrangement, rather than buying a large rug or piece of art, she suggested. Her own color scheme is teal, yellow, orange and red.

Create cohesive spaces:

• Try to use the same flooring material and finish throughout each level of a home. When butting new wood floors to existing floors, invest in refinishing them at the same time, Fries advised. Her living room had existing hardwood that was continued into the hallway to the owner’s suite.

• When selecting finishes, consider your sightlines to and from each room, for smooth transitions.

• Match the millwork and door hardware on each level.

Warm up a contemporary minimalist aesthetic:

• Use textured fabrics, such as a chunky linen, on sofa and window treatments.

• Integrate natural wood finishes and leather in your design.

• Control light levels with dimmers and lamps.

Fashion an inviting outdoor room:

• Fries strung cafe lights around the patio to make it feel festive year-round. She chose teak furniture with white ­cushions for a conversation area. For the outdoor bar, she repeated the ­siding from the house and topped it with a ­stainless-steel countertop that ties in with the metal roof.

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