Interior designer Lynn Barnhouse shared her tips for working with lofts and other loft-like spaces.

• Create furniture groupings organized by activity — for example, dining, reading, lounging and studying.

• Make the groupings visually distinct with a different color scheme or a contrast in the scale of furniture.

• Lay area rugs to help with acoustics, add warmth and color, define spaces and protect wood floors.

• Don't place furnishings in front of windows, blocking the view.

• Use a variety of ways to illuminate areas — floor lamps, table lamps, indirect bounced light. Use lights you can control such as spotlighting to highlight and accentuate, and lights that can be brightened or dimmed.

• Display objects from personal collections to add warmth and texture to modern streamlined spaces.

• Create a smooth flow with lighting, furniture arrangement, color and object placement to focus attention and activity.


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Lynn Underwood