The X Games take pride in giving a nod to the event’s host city by designing gold, silver and bronze medals that pay homage to the area.

Last year’s Vikings ship, complete with oars and a sail, hit the perfect tone to pay tribute to the team that calls U.S. Bank Stadium home.

This year the medals reach for an even broader Minnesota audience — the locals who boast of the state’s 10,000 lakes and passion for pulling fish from those waters.

Each medal has a fish leaping out of water toward the signature X.

“We have a fish grabbing an ‘X’,” said Rich Bigge, ESPN’s X Games director of venue operations. “We made the ‘X’ look like a lure.”

The lake theme is carried over into the skateboard course, replacing the ship from a year ago.

This year’s design more closely resembles the shape of a military dog tag, a big contrast to the 2017 ships.

Medals will be rewarded in more than a dozen competitions.