You've probably heard or read plenty about Kenny McKinley, the young Denver Broncos receiver who committed suicide recently. What you might not have read was a Denver Post piece written by columnist Woody Paige. While we have to admit we've never been a huge fan of his work on ESPN's Around the Horn, we most certainly have to respect and admire the guts it took for Paige to write about his own suicidal thoughts in the wake of the McKinley story. From Paige's piece:

Why would a smart, personable, resolute, "happy-go-lucky" Kenny McKinley — with a college education, a young son, a $385,000 contract and a bright future in football and life — commit suicide Sept. 20, 2010?


I think I understand why.

I know an older man who eight years ago this month was committed to committing suicide.


Go read the rest of it if you have a few moments.