Not since the 1977 Falcons has the NFL’s top scoring defense failed to make the playoffs. Heading into Week 16, Baltimore and Tennessee — both 8-6 — were tied for the lead in scoring defense at 18.1 points allowed per game. Pending the Ravens-Chargers result Saturday night, Tennessee held the sixth and final playoff seed in the AFC. Baltimore was eighth.

Here is how the last 10 teams with the top-ranked scoring defense fared. Five reached the Super Bowl. Three won.

Year Team     Rec. Finish

2017 Vikings 13-3 Lost NFC title game

2016 Patriots 14-2 Won Super Bowl

2015 Seahawks 10-6 Lost NFC divisional

2014 Seahawks 12-4 Lost Super Bowl

2013 Seahawks 13-3 Won Super Bowl

2012 Seahawks 11-5 Lost NFC divisional

2011 Steelers 12-4 Lost AFC wild card

2010 Steelers 12-4 Lost Super Bowl

2009 Jets  9-7 Lost AFC title game

2008 Steelers 12-4 Won Super Bowl