Even as much of Uptown continues to change, thanks to a glut of new restaurants and apartment developments, one building has not: the Arby's at 1116 W. Lake Street.

Until Sunday. That Arby's, with its giant neon sign, abruptly closed. 

"We're all pretty bummed out about it," an employee told City Pages. "It was definitely short notice."

Most employees at this location will be moved to different Arby's outposts, City Pages reports. 

But what will happen to the sign? Even Minneapolis' former mayor was wondering last night.

 Yes, please save this beautiful neon, Heritage Preservation Commission.

How will this decades-old Arby's be remembered (it opened in the mid-1970s)? Luckily, the fine folks behind the @WedgeLIVE Twitter account were there to document The End of Uptown Arby's.

 And here's a livestream: